6 Best Python IDEs for Data Science & Machine Learning [2022]

In today’s article, we will discuss and learn the top 6 Python IDEs for Data Science and Machine Learning. Without any ado, let’s get started.

Free and open-source, Spyder is an integrated development environment (IDE) for the Python programming language that is used in the scientific community. It’s a fantastic python IDE for data science and machine learning, and it’s not too heavy on system resources.

A large number of data scientists rely on it to analyze code in real-time. Because of Spyder’s interactive code execution structure, you can choose to compile only one line of code, a subset of code, or the entire program at once.

Spyder’s static code analysis function can be used to detect superfluous variables, mistakes, and grammar problems without having to compile the code beforehand. It also works with a wide variety of data science programs (DS packages) to facilitate data analysis. The Spyder debugger provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for manipulating the execution of your source code.

Every command entered into Spyder is recorded on the history log page. Similarly, the Help Pane in Spyder may tell you anything you need to know about the program’s in-built features, be they a method, class, or whatever else. It’s a must-have for everyone interested in data science.

Thonny is a top-notch Python integrated development environment (IDE) that is available for use on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. The Thonny debugger is a great tool for fixing bugs in code one line at a time, which is very useful for novice programmers. Thonny’s superb graphical user interface (GUI) simplifies the process of installing additional software.

In addition to autocompleting code based on its forecast, Thonny also checks for errors such as missing closing brackets, and flags them for the user. One can get it without spending a dime. Thonny’s function calls are executed in a new window, helping the user keep track of the function’s local variables and call stack. Thonny’s package manager makes it easy to find, install, and manage Python’s many useful add-ons.

It’s an online Python integrated development environment (IDE) designed for ML and DS experts. JupyterLab’s interactive output system allows you to run tests on your code as you write it. JupyterLab has a great user experience since it lets you see multiple windows at once, including the terminal, the text editor, the console, and the file directory.

It’s one of the top free Python IDEs for ML and DS developers because of helpful features like auto code completion, auto-formatting, auto-saving, etc. Users can enter a “zen mode” in JupyterLab that removes all but the most essential windows, allowing them to concentrate on the task at hand.

You can save your work in JupyterLab in several different file types, including.py,.pdf,.html, and.txt. The slideshow format (.png) is also available for download.


It’s a top-notch Python integrated development environment (IDE) with helpful tools like auto-completion and indentation. The integrated debugger analyzes the code and flags any problems it finds. Experts in DS and ML who work in web development often choose PyCharm for its user-friendly interface. PyCharm has a navigation tool that allows you to look for any symbol in a long code.

PyCharm also makes it simpler to connect numerous scripts. With PyCharm, you may quickly and easily rename files, change the method signature, and extract any function from your code using the refactoring feature. Experts in machine learning employ ML pipelines that have been subjected to integrated unit testing.

It’s useful for learning how well a given ML model performs. The results of your unit tests are displayed graphically in PyCharm. Another useful feature is its built-in version control system, which allows users to monitor the evolution of any given file or program.

Visual Code
When it comes to artificial intelligence and data science, Visual Code is a popular choice for an integrated development environment (IDE). It is compatible with Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. In addition to Python, Visual Studio Code also supports a wide variety of other languages. You can get a free version of Visual Code, which is a lightweight, open-source Python IDE, or you may pay to upgrade to a more robust version that is geared toward commercial use. VS Code’s built-in hints for generating functions and classes make it a great environment for new programmers.

Users can also save time by taking advantage of auto-code completion. The error-checking tool PyLint is built right into Visual Studio Code so that you never make a mistake. When developing a model in ML or DS, VS Code makes it simple to do unit tests. The read-eval-print loop (REPL) allows you to see the results of any short Python program immediately in a new window. It’s useful when trying out a new application programming interface (API) or function.

In addition to simplifying work with SQL, Unity,.NET, and Node.js, VS Code also benefits work with many other popular development platforms. VS Code’s refactoring features allow you to rename files, remove methods, add imports, etc. in your code. When it comes to optimizing and debugging codes, VS Code is a great IDE for ML and DS.


In addition to Python, other languages including C, C++, HTML, JavaScript, and so on are supported by Atom, making it an ideal IDE for ML and DS experts. It’s compatible with Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Writing and running SQL queries and instructions is simplified by Atom’s support for popular databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. The atom-beautify package, for example, helps you write more readable and error-free code by removing unnecessary white space.

Atom’s outline view provides a tree-based perspective on your code, allowing for quick and easy verification of relationships between classes, functions, etc. Atom includes a plethora of GitHub-sourced themes and templates. The cross-platform editing capabilities of Atom have made it a favorite among ML and DS experts. It’s a top-tier open-source IDE that’s free to use.

Final Words
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